A revolution in joinery lighting

Shelflyne Home makes it easier than ever to install linear LED strip lighting into joinery. Light up any shelving system quickly and affordably with the patented wireless and solder-free LED technology. Simple and easy not just for the end user, but also for installers. A guaranteed a premium finish, every time.

Say goodbye to soldering and wiring

Shelflyne Home’s revolutionary patented design eliminates the need for soldering and wiring. Simply ensure the powered rail and light align and you’re done. A streamlined time-saving installation process translates to cost savings and zero hassle for installers.

Polarity no longer matters

Our FLIP technology eliminates polarity issues. Regardless of how the profile is mounted the Light Profile will light up. This translates to a foolproof installation and guarantees a premium finish everytime.

Quick and easy installation

Installation of shelf lighting has never been quicker and easier. Simply route the specified channel depth and width for each component and push in tightly to complete.

Popular sizing

Shelflyne Home is available in a range of options to suit all popular carcass sizing within Australia. Custom sizing will also be available through Hafele H20 in 2019.

Modular configuration

The modular design allows the light profile to be mounted in either a downlighting, uplighting or side-lighting configuration. Now you can illuminate any space beautifully and seamlessly.